Long Hair and Besetting Sin

My husband has long hair. It is a mass of thick gray and dark brown wavy strands. He usually wears it in a braided pony tail, or he tucks it under the pony tail elastic band so it looks like a dangling bun.

I often massage his head at night so he can relax and leave behind those things that stressed him during the day. It is always easier to reach his scalp and massage it when his hair is untangled. Tonight, as I was working my fingers through it, I began to pull out loose hair. I looked at it and thought, “This hair is like the sin that so easily besets us.”

My thinking is that if we allow our Lord Jesus to untangle us from those things that hinder us, then we will be able to run and finish the race He has set before us.

So the next time you run your fingers through your hair, comb or brush it, ask the Lord Jesus to reveal to you that sin that so easily besets you and remove it for you; it is painless when He does it.

Sleep well.

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