A Boy’s Kindness

I was at church watching the elementary Sunday school class play a game of dodge ball. They were having a blast running and jumping out of the way, shouting, and throwing the balls.

One boy, who was about 8 years old got hit, in the face, really hard. Immediately, another boy standing by him, put his arm around his neck and walked him to the side. I couldn’t hear what he was telling the boy who was hit, but I could see his free hand waving about in the air, as if to add emphasis to what he was saying.

I was touched by this boy’s sympathy and compassion. It’s rare to see boys being sympathetic and doing something about someone being hurt. Most of the time I’ve seen boys continue as if nothing has happened, even if the hurt child is crying. This little boy genuinely impressed me. For a moment I saw this little guy think about someone else and not himself, truly, “A friend loves at all times, And a brother is born for adversity.” (Proverbs 17:17)

The interesting twist to this story is that the boy who was hit in the face was a visitor; they didn’t know each other.

It reminded me that a person who is hurting always needs a hug, or someone to sit with them. No words are necessary, just an arm around their neck.

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