I Remember Mom

I thought about my mom today.

My daughter Noah doesn’t like washing dishes; she is very vocal about it. I was tired from moving and unpacking boxes; my back was hurting, I was hungry, and had little patience. I told her, “You’re not being thankful. Look around you, tell me if I worked hard today and complained about it? You’re complaining because of the few dishes and pot you have to wash?”

It was then that my mom came to mind. I wondered how she was able to do all she did without anyone helping her, especially when we were little ones. She had eight of us, six of us (including twins) within a period of eight years.

Before we moved to California, I helped her take care of my younger siblings; mostly with bottles, feeding, and dirty diapers. Sometimes I would help her hang the laundry on the clothesline and bring it down when it was dry.

When she was tired from a full day of work, she would come home to cook for eight hungry children and clean up after us, bathe the little ones and put us to bed. She took care of us, but who took care of her?

Who massaged her back or rubbed her feet when they ached? Who cooked for her, then cleaned the dishes and the kitchen? Who said to her, “Hilaria, you worked long and hard today, take the evening off and rest; I’ll take care of everything.” My Dad? Us?

After our move, she started teaching me how to clean, wash dishes, make corn tortillas and cook, do laundry, and other household chores. I never considered that my two hands were making her load lighter. (Hmm…I see now that Noah is making my load lighter and I’m very thankful. “What goes around does comes around.”)

I’m thankful for the things Mom taught me. She has been home with the Lord for almost fourteen years; she no longer suffers from back aches and hurting feet. As a matter of fact, she no longer suffers. One day I’ll be able to see her and together we’ll enjoy the eternity our God has for us. Neither one of us will remember the aches and pains we suffered on earth.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to train Noah in housekeeping and homemaking; we’ll overcome her complaining. As to whether she’s thankful or not, that’s up to her. I know I’ll be thankful — one day she may be taking care of my husband and me.

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