Astonished by God

This was shared by a friend; it was both humorous and edifying. I hope that you, too, will find astonishing moments with our God and rejoice at how He chooses to minister to us.

I never thought that something wonderful and amazing would happen to me today.

A dear friend gave me, “The Wonderful Spirit-Filled Life” by Charles Stanley. After the Sunday morning sermon, “Focus on the Eternal Now,” my mind kept going back to, “What is your purpose in life? You were born for a reason; God apparently felt you were worthy to be born, you need to find out – the clock will not stop ticking – the bells might toll, but the clock will not stop ticking.”

My deepest desire right NOW is to live a purposed-filled life. But, “What is my purpose exactly, God?” The book says that Christians forget that God gave us a “helper” — the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit convicts, illuminates, teaches, guides, assures, intercedes, directs and warns us.*

“Please Lord, I need the Holy Spirit ASAP!” I proclaimed as I made myself comfortable on the wooden bench on a little hill under a mustard tree that provided shade.

I had decided to go to the botanical gardens to read and pray during my lunch break, for it’s a beautiful place to escape to for an hour. Squirrels chased one another, palm leaves swayed in the breeze, hummingbirds sped at 100 mph and butterflies just fluttered about without a care in the world.

I thought, “Why not give thanks to the Lord for nature and for providing me with this visual feast?” I put down the book and began to give thanks, which led to my prayer, “Please Lord, I beg you, send the Holy Spirit ASAP!”

“I need the Holy Spirit RIGHT NOW!”

I did not hear footsteps nor the crushing of leaves, all I felt in the following minute was a hand on my head, soothing my head like a mother does a crying baby, and an encouraging hand on my shoulder.

“Am I imagining this? Could it be the Holy Spirit? Wow that’s the fastest ASAP ever of my life!”

I slowly opened my eyes and I KID YOU NOT — it was a squirrel petting my head and his other paw was on my shoulder! It was sitting on the bench post on it’s hind legs behind me, to my right side. I wasn’t scared at all; I said to the squirrel, “That was very sweet of you, thank you.” (I know squirrels are said to have all sorts of diseases, but this did not enter my mind at all nor the fear of being attacked or bitten.) I didn’t know what to think; it was the strangest and closest wild animal encounter ever in my life.

After I got back to the office I began to think what it all meant or if it had any meaning at all. It was an AMAZING and wonderful moment. I called a friend who said, “Are you not more valuable than the lilies in the field or the birds in the sky? God used an animal to remind you of your value, Girl!” She let out a loud laugh, “Haha! I’ve never heard of such a thing happening! Haha, that’s just like God, Girl! That’s just like God!” (Matthew 6:25-34)

God bless you all; I hope something amazing and wonderful comes your way too.

*convicts John 16:8-11, illuminates John 16:12-15, teaches John 16:12-15, guides Rom 8:14, assures Rom 8:16, intercedes Rom 8:26, directs Acts 20:22, and warns Acts. 20:23.

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