I’m Shaken Up, but He’s Glorious

Paul Baloche sings a song called, Glorious. It’s been on my mind today because it states how I feel about my Lord and His presence with us, His provision for us, and protection. My heart gladly sings praise to Him and marvels in His glory and grace. Therefore,

Here’s a story about God’s glory;
Here’s a story about God’s grace.

I can’t remember all of the events, because for the first time in my life, I really understood how fast seconds come and go, so please bear with me.

A little after 3:30 P.M., on Wednesday, I was on my way to Tustin and east Irvine to run some errands. I can try to explain to you what happened, but I know a picture explains it best:


“So,” you ask, “how can this be a picture of God’s glory and grace? How in the world did He protect you?” Philippians 4:19 says, And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

To begin with:

  • I avoided hitting the other car.
  • My seat belt kept me from hitting the steering wheel.
  • The air bags did NOT deploy; if they had, I would have been seriously injured.
  • No bricks from the archway fell on the car; as a matter of fact, the archway wasn’t damaged.
  • The person whose car I avoided, came over and asked if I was okay, then called 911 and Don.
  • The police arrived and managed to open the door because it was stuck.
  • The paramedics came, examined me, and said it looked like I only had muscular injuries, without any broken bones; but they advised that I go to the ER, just in case. . .
  • They were amazed that the air bags didn’t deploy; and to be on the safe side, they cut the battery wires so that they wouldn’t.
  • The police officers, Martinez, Moore, and Maddy, were very polite, professional, and patient. They needed a statement from me as to what happened, but I couldn’t remember all the details (I still can’t). I’m very thankful they were very understanding and patient as they interviewed me. (Kudos to the Irvine Police Department for selecting such public servants.)

Don. What can I say about my husband? My eyes well up with tears as I write this; he has been so loving and gracious this whole time.

  • He came to the accident site and made sure I was okay.
  • He helped me out of the Explorer and walked me, shaky as I was, to another place so I could sit down.
  • He talked with the police officers and paramedics.
  • He cleared the trunk and other things out of the Explorer before it was towed.
  • He took the girls and me to the ER at Hoag and was attentive the entire time.
  • He even managed to take the girls to their Wednesday Bible study and come back to the hospital while I waited to get the x-rays taken and get the results. (The church, by-the-way, was only 5 minutes away from the hospital.)
  • After I was released from the ER, Don took me home and cared for me.
  • The girls:  Noah had a very close friend visiting that afternoon, Nancy.
  • When Don got the call, Nancy stayed with Noah and was a wonderful comfort to her. Providential, wouldn’t you say?
  • Noah did have a hard time, but as she told me later, “It’s hard not to cry when someone you love has an accident and may be hurt.”
  • The next day, Thursday, Don called the car insurance company and took care of all the details. Everyone at Mercury has been fabulous to work with.
  • He also went to the towing yard to retrieve the rest of the items left in the Explorer and sign the release to the insurance company.
  • Then he ran ALL the errands I was going to do on Wednesday!

This entire time, I have not heard one word of anger, reproach, complaint, or anything else from Don. I am beyond blessed to have Don as my husband. There is nothing that I can say or do that is greater than what he has been to me during these past days. In typical Don fashion, he has been as Jesus to me, in his understanding, love, care, patience, humility, and in countless other ways.  Only God could have given me, in marriage, to such as person as Don and tied us together in the way He has. I am a blessed woman!

As far as my body is concerned, I’m very surprised at how strong my body is. I was in wonder that, given the intensity of the impact, I wasn’t immediately in severe pain. I can only attribute it to the Lord’s favor (grace). I don’t have any bruising, especially where the seat belt locked me in, on my left shoulder and hip; but, I’m achy and sore. The arnica cream and cold packs have been very helpful; but more than these, have been the prayers of the saints.

Our prayer is that our God bring much good out of what happened. Given all that I just shared with you, I would say that He is doing just that. He has been glorifying Himself in all this and He will continue to glorify Himself in all this, even if we don’t know the end of this story. Wouldn’t you agree with me that He is glorious!

So, you see, this is a story of God’s grace; this is a story of God’s glory.

Here’s the link to that Paul Baloche song. I hope you enjoy it and are as blessed I am by it. Lord bless you, my friend!



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