Profiles in Diligence: Emlyee Noel Horn Gussler

A cheerful heart is good medicine
~Proverbs 17:22 ~ 

Emylee. Right off you can tell she  is very unique; not too many people change the way they spell their name.

Looking at this photo, it is obvious that Emylee has red hair (I think it changes with her moods). Can you tell she likes to have fun? “Oh, girls just want to have fun…” I cannot stop smiling; just looking at her makes me want to be where she is—all the way in Ohio. (Uh, maybe not, it is cold and snowing there!)

Emylee is gregarious , vivacious, enthusiastic, and loves to sing, dance, and act. She is more like her dad; they have a similar twinkle in their eyes and when they laugh, you cannot help but join in. She reminds me of a cross between Annie (from the Broadway musical) and Dolly Levi (from Hello, Dolly!). It does not surprise me at all that she worked at Disneyland for three years.

Emylee has definite opinions and ideas and is not afraid to share them; she is honest and upfront; I like that.

Like her mom and sister, Emylee has an eye for photography. This is my favorite photo; she took it at Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio.

Emylee also has an artistic flair — as a cake artist. I saw the pyramid birthday cake she and her husband made for her daughter’s birthday and it was awesome! The hieroglyphics on the sides say, “Happy Birthday, M—.”

There is more to Emylee than what is written here. Emylee is full of life and love. Her life has not been easy; she was a single mother of two for many years, but with the Lord’s help, she persevered through all the ups and downs. Her son and daughter are well-rounded individuals with as many talents as Emylee, and are her joy.

She is happily married to Ben and loves her life.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about Emylee; she is unforgettable.

Emylee has been wanting snow for Christmas, and from what I hear, it is snowing, and they are hoping it sticks to the ground. Just for you, Emylee, a special song. Merry Christmas!

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