Jesus is Standing

Weeping may endure for a night,
But joy comes in the morning.
~ Psalm 30:5b ~

Several years ago I had a conversation with a dear friend that devastated me. She said things in an attitude that rent my heart; the pain was so intense I could not stop weaping. But it lasted only a night, for the very next day, the Lord had scheduled a meeting with my naturopath that was to bring healing.

He and his family had been missionaries in Costa Rica and were accustomed to praying for their clients. We met in a room with a sofa; his wife sat on its arm with her hand on my shoulder. I shared what happened and they shared from the Scriptures and their experiences.

Then we prayed. While she was praying, her hand still on me, I saw a picture — a sketch, if you will — of two thrones, on the one sat our Father and next to His right hand, Jesus. At first Jesus was sitting, but then He slowly stood. Jesus was standing for me! He was standing in my place, in my grief, in my need; He had already taken all that I was going through and had overcome it. In that instant I knew healing, joy, and peace, because Jesus was standing for me, in my place. Truly,

The eternal God is your refuge, 
And underneath are the everlasting arms
~ Deuteronomy 33:27a ~ 

That day in the doctor’s office showed me that there is none like Jesus. I needed Him and He came to me; He healed my broken heart and bound up my wound (Psalm 147:3), allowing me to forgive. A friendship that was damaged was healed; I look forward to our reunion in heaven.

Today, if you have been hurt by a dear friend, turn to Jesus, for He is your refuge. He knows the pain. He is standing for you.

Thank You, Father, for Your Son Jesus; there is none like Him. Amen.


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