Earlobes, Mom, and a Baby Shower

Your wife [shall be] like a fruitful vine
In the very heart of your house,
Your children like olive plants
All around your table.
~ Psalm 128:3 ~

We have been studying Mendelian genetics in biology class this week. The experiment was to make a family earlobe pedigree. Noah had to research family earlobe attachments, whether free or attached (see below), to draw the family pedigree, then determine the genotypes. We sent out text messages to everyone in the family, both my husband’s side and mine. We discovered that on my husband’s side all earlobes were attached. On my side, most were attached and some were free. (Don’s earlobes are attached, mine are free, and Noah’s are free.)

To figure out the earlobe type of those who are home with our Lord, we looked through photographs. Among three photographs we examined, were these:

My mom, when she was Noah’s age (about 15) in 1942.


She took this photo in 1952, when she was about 25-years-old.


This is at my wedding in 1990, when she was about 62-years-old; she is holding my niece.


Mom had eight of us, five boys (one pregnancy was a set of twins) and three girls. The little one in the photograph with Mom is now married and is having her first child this month. He will have some of Mom’s genes, but we will have to wait until he is born to know whether his earlobes will be free or attached. We can guess at tomorrow’s baby shower after we examine the expectant parents’ earlobes; that should be a fun and unusual game to play!

Heavenly Father, thank You for biology experiments in genetics; and for the fun we had in looking through photographs trying to figure out earlobe types. Thank You, too, for the memories about Mom. Bless our gathering tomorrow at the baby shower and my niece as she prepares for the birth of her son.

Father, You have been good to us in our generations by bringing us into the knowledge of Your Son, Jesus. Your faithfulness, Father, reaches into every generation:  Someone taught Mom about You, she in turn taught us about You, our children are getting to know You, and now, a new generation will have the opportunity to know You. Bless my niece and her husband as they receive this little one from You, and help them to teach him about You. May all of our generations bring honor and glory to You, in Jesus’ name, amen.

For the LORD is good.
His unfailing love continues forever,
and his faithfulness continues to each generation. 
~ Psalm 100:5 ~

 earlobes 2


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