Twenty-Three Years!

Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.
~ Proverbs 3:5-6 ~

Wednesday, May 31, 1989, was the day that my life changed: I was laid off from my job unexpectedly; that night, at Bible study, I asked for prayer and when I was relaying what had happened, someone placed their hands on my shoulders. Afterward, I met the person whose hands had been on my shoulders, Todd. He invited me to join him and his friends for dessert, which I accepted; it was the night I met Don.

Don and Todd had been friends for a long time; they were in the same band, played on the worship team, and they loved the Lord with all their hearts.


Over the summer, God joined Don and my hearts’ through participation in the evangelism team, writing songs together, and as prayer partners. In mid-October, the Lord confirmed our feelings through Proverbs 3:5-6; it was given to me throughout a weekend women’s retreat, and to Don through that Sunday’s sermon.

By the beginning of December we both knew our Lord wanted us to get married; and on January 2, 1990, we were engaged. And just like Jesus provided wine at the marriage of Cana and blessed it, He provided for our wedding needs and blessed us:

~ A Christian wedding that gave me ideas for our wedding.
~ Confirmation that February 17, 1990 was to be our wedding day.
~ Church family who gave bountifully of their gifts and talents:
~ The worship team’s gift was the wedding reception.
~ Two couples prayed fervently for the wedding and over our marriage during the wedding ceremony; those prayers are still bearing fruit today.
~ Our honeymoon was also a gift from friends.

parentsMany other things happened during the planning of our wedding and during the ceremony that cannot be told here; for which we thank our Lord Jesus. But there is one more important event that happened; all part of our Lord glorifying Himself through the working out of His will in our lives. Mom was dying, but when Don and I showed up at the hospital to let her know we were getting married, she literally pulled herself up on the bed, the look on her face changed from death to life, and she exclaimed, “You’re getting married!” Dad walked me down the aisle (he had previously said, “No!”) and Mom came, in a wheelchair.

Don and I have been married for 23 years and have lived through tears and laughter, anger and forgiveness, and the daily things that can grind a marriage into the ground. The river that runs through our mountain and vale, and through each season of our lives is Jesus. His love brought two imperfect people together, intertwined their hearts through His life, strengthen their commitment, and deepened their love. It is because of Jesus that our marriage has survived.


When Don he said his vows, he was making a covenant with the Lord and with me, to love me and be my husband until the end. He is a blessing beyond measure; he deals with me with patience and understanding, and gives me perspective when I lose sight of things. He is gentle and loving; when I get emotional, he lovingly reels my emotions in with the truth. Sometimes, I feel like Mary must have felt sitting at Jesus’ feet; Don lives the Word that lives in his heart and loves as the Word loves us, unconditionally. I am truly blessed to be his wife.

Heavenly Father, when You brought Don and me together 23 years ago, I only knew that our being together was Your will for us. You knew the heart that was in Don and that I needed to be loved by him; thank You. Knowing all of my foibles and physical frailties, You gave me to the one man who could handle them, and still love and care for me; thank You. You have been and are faithful to us, Lord; You have been the shield about our marriage. May our hearts continue to be knitted together and grow stronger in love because of Your love and care. Help us to glorify You, Father; in Jesus’ name, amen.

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