Thank You, Jesus!

I am the good shepherd.
~ John 10:11 ~

In preparation for the upcoming Community Bible Study, I have been reading through John, in different translations. God’s word is good food, encouraging, insightful, full of wisdom, and relevant—practical in myriad ways. It speaks to anyone who has ears to hear what the Spirit has to say.

Each chapter has something to say to me; this week’s readings from John 10 to John 15 have opened my heart to say, “Thank You, Jesus.”

My good shepherd brought me home; I was not of His fold, but He gave His life that I could become His; He protects me from the thief that comes “to steal, and to kill, and to destroy”; to this date, many hate Him and are trying to kill those who belong to Him; people are still divided over who Jesus is. He made me clean; He is “the way, the truth, and the life”; He is preparing a place for me—at the right time, He will come for me and I will live with Him forever! He has given me His Holy Spirit, who will never leave me; He reminds me, “If you love Me, keep My commandments”; and He gives me His peace, not the world’s.

There is no one like Jesus!

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for bringing me home. You found me, delivered me from death and darkness, and brought me home to Your Father. You love me without conditions and array me with purity—Your righteousness. You are with me continually, instructing and teaching me, leading me in the way I should go. You are preparing a place for me, and when I come home, along with all who have received Your gift of salvation, we will attend the marriage feast with our Lamb and dwell with You forever! There is no one like You!

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