Yet Will I Trust Him

Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.
~ Job 13:15 ~

This morning’s conversation with my Father began by reading Isaiah 53. I did not know the purpose of it until the end. This is a portion of the poem that came during our talk:

This woman’s heart desires You.
This woman’s heart seeks You.
This woman will not let You go until You bless her.

Arise, O Lord! Arise!
Send forth Your answer!
Stand, O Lord! Stand!
In my weakness, hold me up!

This woman knows You’re with her and for her,
This woman knows You’re faithful and true;
This woman know You, therefore,
She pours out her heart before You.

This daughter who is loved by You,
This daughter who is the apple of Your eye,
This daughter cries out,
“Abba, Father! Abba, Father!
Deliver us from the hand of the enemy!”

Come forth, our Mighty Prince!
Come forth, our Mighty Conqueror!
Tear down the siege walls!

You restore our souls,
You refresh our hearts.
You are our strength,
You are our refuge,
You are  our hiding place,
You are our God.

Then I cried because this verse came to mind:

Job 13_15_2
After I wiped away my tears, I read the verse in context, then read David Guzik’s commentary on Job 13:15. There I found encouraging words from several commentators; but what Charles Spurgeon wrote led me to understand why I read Isaiah 53 first.

“There are three things in the text: a terrible supposition — “though he slay me”; a noble resolution, “yet will I trust in him”; and, thirdly, a secret appropriateness. . . . there is a great appropriateness in our trusting while God is slaying us — the two things go well together, though it may not so appear.”

Charles Spurgeon listed several reasons why he thought that “slaying times” were good times.

• Such times show us that we are really His sons and daughters, because He only chastens His children.
• Such times – slaying times – are when real faith is created.
• Such times are when God tests and affirms our faith.
• Such times are when we can grow in faith.
• Such times allow the child of God to prove that they are not a mercenary professor of faith.

“Once more, the grim supposition of the text, if ever it was realized by anybody it was realized by our Lord Jesus. Our great covenant Head knows to the full what his members suffer. God did slay him, and glory be to his blessed name, he trusted God while he was being slain.”

And that is where our conversation paused; and the tears began to flow again. He gave me perspective to help me gain the victory over today’s setbacks, disappointments—whatever would come to make me anxious or discourage me.

Do you have a need that is overwhelming you? Turn to Him, He is waiting for you to come to Him. He wants you to have victory today and to live an abundant life, even in the midst of troubling circumstances. Pour out your heart to Him, He is listening. As for every tear that you cry, look at what Psalm 56:8 (NLT) says,

You keep track of all my sorrows [wanderings].
You have collected all my tears in your bottle.
You have recorded each one in your book.

Dear Abba, Father, thank You for bringing me into victorious living today, for the strength, for the encouragement, for Your love, and Your tender care. There is no better Father than You, no better Savior than Jesus, and no better Comforter than Your Holy Spirit. My heart is steadfast in You, O Lord; my mind is stayed on You, for in You is everlasting strength (Isaiah 26:3-4). Blessing and honor and glory and power be Yours forevermore! Amen!

This is the link to David Guzik’s commentary on Job 13, if you wish to read what he says about verse 15:

Oh, and this song, it kept going through my head as I was crying.

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