The Pox on You!

Therefore, you should treat people
in the same way that you want people to treat you;
this is the Law and the Prophets.
~ Matthew 7:12 ~ CEV

One of my brothers has been dealing with some serious health problems. My siblings and I visited him at the hospital and rehab facility. (We’re thankful that he’s home now.)

We’ve been going through pictures and telling stories about growing up in Texas and in California. This is one of the stories that came to mind from our days in Texas.

School was out for the day. We watched our schoolmates walk by the front fence of our house; they looked tired, but glad to be going home. We had been absent for over a week. All six of us had the chicken pox. We didn’t know that we were supposed to be miserable—who can be when you have five other playmates?! We were having fun playing. Yes, we had scabs all over our bodies, and looked like someone had colored us with pink paint (calamine lotion), but we didn’t care!

One day, Freddie and his friend, Ray, showed us what kind of friends they were. We ran up to the fence and called out to them, “Freddie! Ray! Freddie! Ray!”

“Hey, look at them!” they called out to the other kids and laughed at us. At first, their laughter confused us, “But you’re our friends,” we cried out. “You can’t make fun of us just because we’re sick! It’s not our fault!” We knew we had calamine lotion all over the scabs on our faces, arms, and legs, but after they called us names and pretended to scratch and pick at each other’s make-believe scabs, we started calling them monkeys.

We used some choice words of our own (we weren’t saints) and stuck out our tongues to them. We did the, “You’re not worth our time, nor being our friends” wave, and walked back into the house for our afternoon snack.

Several days later, the doctor came to the house and said that we could go back to school the next week. We were sad our play days were over, but glad that we could go back to school and visit with our friends. The doctor gave each one of us a note to give to our teachers, “—, is no longer contagious and is allowed to attend school. Dr. —.”

The following Monday, I was giving my teacher, Mrs. Ramirez, a full report of what happened during the days we had the chicken pox. “Freddie and Ray made fun of us one day; and we were just being friends.” I gave her the whole story, leaving out those not-so-nice choice words.

While I was talking with her, a student handed her a note. When she opened it and read it, she started laughing really hard and tears came down her cheeks. She gave one look at my puzzled face, and said, “Freddie and Ray won’t be coming to school for the next week or so, they have the chicken pox!”

I believe that Freddie and Ray found out that “what goes around, comes around!” is true; so did I.



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